Ana Marie is here!

A big congratulations to my friends the Medlins! They welcomed their baby girl into the world just two weeks ago, so I stopped by the house to photograph these sweet moments while they are getting to know their little one. If photos tell a story, then these all speak of a precious baby girl who is completely adored by her family…including grandma and big brother!

Baby Kian

So I have been shamefully behind on updating my blog and website. But! I had to make some time to post these pics. Some of my favorites ever…mostly because this momma and baby are some of my favorites ever. Jackie is my life-long best buddy. She  lives in San Fran now (SAD FACE), but she came by when her first born, Kian, was a few months old. We took a few minutes to capture the sweetness between momma and baby.

Grabbed some photos with Jackie’s sweet parents walking around the neighborhood.

Medlin Family!

I love these guys so much! They are the sweetest. I can’t wait to meet baby girl who is coming this summer! This is an example of just a few of the photos you get in a mini session. We were only in the park for about 30 minutes, and they ended up with about 50 finished photos!

aaron + alice: engaged

Oh my word. I absolutely love the images I got with alice and aaron. The ruins of a mill at dusk combined with a dapper couple make for a majestic shoot. I think I would like to frame one of these images…

that last one might be my favorite…

And now for a bit about the couple: I have known Alison (aka alice) for years and cannot put my love for her into words. Suffice it to say, she is a gem. She is one of a kind. And aaron is absolutely perfect for her. I don’t know how she did it, but she found the perfect fit. It’s like they were made for each other. Two pieces of a puzzle. I am looking forward to their wedding. Their invites were to die for…if that’s the wedding preview,  I can’t wait to see what alice has in store for the big day.

marybeth & adam: married

Marybeth and Adam were married at City Church downtown. It was a modern and fun location detailed with Marybeth’s favorite color, purple. A favorite of mine as well. Chris and I only shot 4 hours of their day, amazing what you can document in such a small window of time. They were super stoked to take pictures by the infamous Krog tunnel and all of its graffiti color. The juxtaposition of frilly white wedding and street art made for some interesting photos…

This is Adam’s sweet little girl. They wanted to make sure she felt like a princess too that day.

Lantern release Tangled style! This was the first time I have seen it done, super fun.

danielle & tom: married

Who wouldn’t want a destination wedding in Savannah, GA? With beautiful old south buildings and Gone With the Wind vibes. Having lived there for two years as a newly wed, I can say there is romance in that air. Danielle and Tom invited their guests to a romantic getaway weekend that starred their wedding.

Danielle’s mom helping with Danielle’s dress. She has the touch when it comes to ribbon tying.

Danielle’s twin sister was by her side helping her throughout the day. These two were so sweet with one another, they had me reflecting on the depth of bond twin siblings must share.

The girls are lucky. They have a super sweet dad…

Danielle’s pup! He was cracking me up with that sprawl.

This shot of the bridesmaids is one of my favorites of the day. I brought along some super cute parasols. How could one resist parasol pictures in an old south beach wedding?

Danielle and her sweet twin Magan

Oh Tom. I think he’s the kind of guy that can be a goof ball, but can also sit down and have a series talk with you.

Of course, my lovely husband tends to bring out the goof ball…

Love that expression…

There is little I like more than a beach portrait session.

Cheers to Tom an Danielle!

Cheryl + Andy

Cheryl and Andy, my my my. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for their lives! I mean, they were brought together from different sides of the world for starters. I can see them having lots of fun through the years and investing in lots of peoples lives.

Wedding prep started at a nearby hotel. Cheryl’s family was in from Singapore. English is the first language over there, only they speak it with really cool accents.

Cheryl’s mom was such a sweet help throughout the day.

Here is Andy getting ready. If you were talking to him, I bet he would tell you this was the best day of his life…he was all smiles and energy.

Heading to the ceremony!!!! Cheryl’s dad insisted on driving her to the ceremony. Just another step in giving his daughter away. It was very sweet.

Here comes a play-by-play of the first look. You can tell how giddy Andy was…

Cheryl and her sister debating what kind of silly face to make…I’m not sure if that’s pouty or kissy lips, lol.

A few of the guests arriving…

Dun dun du dun, ceremony begins!

Nothing wrong with a groom that gets emotional when he sees his bride walk down the isle. Probably the best gift he has ever gotten! That might be my favorite moment in a wedding…

It was a BEAUTIFUL service.

A few first dance details from the reception

LOVE these dancing shots!

Danielle & Tom

Danielle and Tom are so cute together. Danielle is tall, but she doesn’t look it standing next to Tom. He must be like 6′5″! We shot their engagements in Cabbagetown here in Atlanta. Tons of cute stuff there. I won’t spoil how they met and all that jazz, you can read it straight from them at the end of this post…

Awe! A little “save the date” action.

Aren’t they cute! Cabbagetown has the most colorful row of little shops…

I love all of the concrete greys and brick at the Stacks…

We stumbled upon a cute retro scooter…

And now for a few questions from the happy couple themselves….

1. How did you meet? Tom and I met in college at Kennesaw State University through mutual friends.

2. What is your favorite quality about your fiance?

Danielle: Tom is the most gentle, sincere loving man I have ever met. He loves me unconditionally. Tom: Danielle brings out the best in me. She makes me laugh and smile more than anybody.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? A private island in the Caribbean.

Danielle and Tom, so excited for you! Can’t wait for your lovely wedding ):):) Much love to you both!

Kristina & Colby

I love these two!!! Kristina shares my affection for all things wedding-beautiful. She has a budding wedding cake business herself. I had the privilege of photographing Kristina’s family a few years ago, and I remember her saying that when she and her beloved Colby got engaged, she was going to look me up. I love that. She knew even then that this day would come. What a gorgeous and love filled day it was! Kristina is the oldest of five siblings, and Colby is a TWIN! How fun. When we showed up on the wedding day, Chris and I thought Colby’s twin was Colby. He patiently explained that he was Colby’s twin brother. I couldn’t help but thinking “how many times has he had to explain that!” From the cake to the fruity fro-yo to the (ahem) stunning photography, everything at the Lee wedding was done to the nines.

Love all of the color in these bouquets. The question these days seems to be: to use color or not to use color. I am torn between wedding palettes that include creams and whites and maybe hints of soft green and going all out with gorgeous bright colors!

Kristina was so cute and giddy when she was getting ready. I love that I get to share that time with so my brides.

Colby and his twin bro Corey were so stinking cute getting ready! I guess it’s like looking in a mirror when you have a twin. They helped each other every step of the way.

The many faces of Kristina…

Kristina requested that they steal this moment before the ceremony. Just a teaser.

Nothing like a teary-eyed bride.

Love this moment…

Kristina got the giggles during the ceremony. She had me going too!

Husband and wife!

This picture (above) is so romantic! I want to frame it in my house…

Note to brides: If you ask me if I want to take some photos in an over grown field, I will say YES.

Dawe! Aren’t they just made for each other?!

A few sample family pics…

First Dance.

Kristina’s Daddy did an excellent job on the twirl, I must say.

Not just a super cute cate, but fro-yo too!!!!!

Thank you Kristina and Colby, I can only imagine what is in store for you two love birds!

Patricia & David

Patricia and David!! What a beautiful couple. Something that David said during his toast really stuck with me: they are companions. They love to travel together, and he is looking forward to having his buddy with him for all of the advanetures their life will bring. Patricia is from Columbia and incorporated lots of her native flair in their wedding day. They even had a friend perform a flamenco dance at the reception!  One a side note…this wedding is a great example of the three hour package. We love this short and sweet package, because you still get fabulous couple portraits, all of the ceremony, family portraits and about an hour of the reception!

Patricia walking to their “first look”!

Here it is…the big moment when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day!

The Mariachi band was AMAZING.

A few sweet moments from the first dance:

Below is a picture we snapped with Patricia’s dad. He was so happy!

Check out that cake topper!

A few moments from the toasts and flamenco dance…I don’t think I’ve ever been moved by a dance before. But I had tears in my eyes watching Patricia’s friend dance. I had seen her with her baby girl earlier, and I kept thinking about the power of a woman’s spirit. She walked up with grace and performed a strange dance in front of lots of people who don’t really understand it, and it was beautiful.

Patricia and David: I wish you the absolute best!!!! Much love to you both!!

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