patricia & david: engaged

January 27th, 2011  |  Published in Engagments

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever! The High Museum of Art in Atlanta makes for a beautiful color palette for soft, neutral portraits. I think these are going to be so beautiful framed in the home. That’s something I try to think about when shooting a couple’s portraits–what sort of decorating style and color scheme do they have in their home. But enough shop talk, let’s get on to the couple!

Meet David and Patricia. I love when couples bring their pups!

Here is a great option if you don’t want to bring an entire outfit change: just bring a cute coat and perhaps a scarf or hat to play with!

Aren’t they just precious!

This might be my favorite image from the whole shoot!?

I am in love with the slate gray wall behind them…

Another of Chris’ touches:

This next one gives us magazine vibes…

Beloved puppies make good props.

A little his and hers action


Okay. This next one rivals as my number one fave.

If I was them, I would frame the next image. It makes me happy :)

Aren’t they just perfect?!

I snuck this next one in while we were on the go. Patricia’s sister  was in town from NY and joined us on the shoot. She was super helpful!

Black and White vs. Golden? Hard choice!

The High has so many fun spots! I could have shot there all day.

Would you know we were smack dab in the middle of the city?

And now for our engagement questionnaire!

1. How did you meet?!  We met online!

2. What is your favorite quality about your fiance?

Patricia: I definitely like several qualities about him he is caring, affectionate, hard working and honest.

David: smart, goal driven, adventurous, embrace different cultures and decisive

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? We would move to Italy! Our dream is to buy a Tuscan Villa!

4. Pets or kids or both? Both! We already have little Lui (puppy) and we plan on expanding the family soon.

5. Is there a song that makes you think of your fiance? What is it? I need you now from Lady Antebellum we went to their concert @ the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

Thank you Patricia and David. Can’t wait for the wedding!