Kristina & Colby

May 11th, 2011  |  Published in Weddings

I love these two!!! Kristina shares my affection for all things wedding-beautiful. She has a budding wedding cake business herself. I had the privilege of photographing Kristina’s family a few years ago, and I remember her saying that when she and her beloved Colby got engaged, she was going to look me up. I love that. She knew even then that this day would come. What a gorgeous and love filled day it was! Kristina is the oldest of five siblings, and Colby is a TWIN! How fun. When we showed up on the wedding day, Chris and I thought Colby’s twin was Colby. He patiently explained that he was Colby’s twin brother. I couldn’t help but thinking “how many times has he had to explain that!” From the cake to the fruity fro-yo to the (ahem) stunning photography, everything at the Lee wedding was done to the nines.

Love all of the color in these bouquets. The question these days seems to be: to use color or not to use color. I am torn between wedding palettes that include creams and whites and maybe hints of soft green and going all out with gorgeous bright colors!

Kristina was so cute and giddy when she was getting ready. I love that I get to share that time with so my brides.

Colby and his twin bro Corey were so stinking cute getting ready! I guess it’s like looking in a mirror when you have a twin. They helped each other every step of the way.

The many faces of Kristina…

Kristina requested that they steal this moment before the ceremony. Just a teaser.

Nothing like a teary-eyed bride.

Love this moment…

Kristina got the giggles during the ceremony. She had me going too!

Husband and wife!

This picture (above) is so romantic! I want to frame it in my house…

Note to brides: If you ask me if I want to take some photos in an over grown field, I will say YES.

Dawe! Aren’t they just made for each other?!

A few sample family pics…

First Dance.

Kristina’s Daddy did an excellent job on the twirl, I must say.

Not just a super cute cate, but fro-yo too!!!!!

Thank you Kristina and Colby, I can only imagine what is in store for you two love birds!