Cheryl + Andy

July 6th, 2011  |  Published in Weddings

Cheryl and Andy, my my my. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for their lives! I mean, they were brought together from different sides of the world for starters. I can see them having lots of fun through the years and investing in lots of peoples lives.

Wedding prep started at a nearby hotel. Cheryl’s family was in from Singapore. English is the first language over there, only they speak it with really cool accents.

Cheryl’s mom was such a sweet help throughout the day.

Here is Andy getting ready. If you were talking to him, I bet he would tell you this was the best day of his life…he was all smiles and energy.

Heading to the ceremony!!!! Cheryl’s dad insisted on driving her to the ceremony. Just another step in giving his daughter away. It was very sweet.

Here comes a play-by-play of the first look. You can tell how giddy Andy was…

Cheryl and her sister debating what kind of silly face to make…I’m not sure if that’s pouty or kissy lips, lol.

A few of the guests arriving…

Dun dun du dun, ceremony begins!

Nothing wrong with a groom that gets emotional when he sees his bride walk down the isle. Probably the best gift he has ever gotten! That might be my favorite moment in a wedding…

It was a BEAUTIFUL service.

A few first dance details from the reception

LOVE these dancing shots!