Jordan & Tyler: engaged

These two have been dating since sophomore year in high-school, and now Jordan is about to graduate from Pharmacy school!!! Talk about sticking it out! I asked if they have had any bumps in the road, and they said, “well yeah”! Those years together have produced an understanding and compatibility that I rarely sense in a new couple.

Stay tuned for their engagement interview at the end of this post……

love Jordan’s dress!

If you two get bored, you can always go on the road as a country singing duo. You’ve got the album cover;)


1. How did you meet?!

Jordan: Tyler and I met in high school.  We had lunch together and every day he would come over and offer his french fries! haha Little did I know that meant he liked me.  It wasn’t until I was walking down the hall with one of my really good guy friends, he had his arm around me and one other girl, and Tyler came up put his arm around me and said, “I’ll take this one of you hands.” September 30, 2002 he asked me out and the rest is history!

Tyler: I don’t know if she knows this but Jordan caught my attention the first time I saw her in 9th grade at Chapel Hill. However, we didn’t officially start getting to know each other until our sophmore year. We started sitting at the same table for lunch and I shared my french fries with her. I actually walked up behind her in the hall one day and put my arm around her…..the rest is history.

2. What is your favorite quality about your fiance?

Jordan:My favorite quality about Tyler is his ability to make people feel special.  He never meets a stranger and I love watching him interact with our families.  He has a way of making every person feel important from my grandparents to his eight year old nephew.  His dedication to everything he does in life also continues to amaze me!

Tyler: My favorite quality about Jordan is her genuine heart. I have noticed over the years that she is there for all of her friends, wants to help everyone she can and always tears up during the national anthem. She is the most caring person I know and I know that she will always be there for me.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Jordan: If we could live anywhere in the world I think we would go to Florida.  Tyler loves the beach and I have always wanted to open up a little soda shop pharmacy

Tyler: With her.

4. Pets or kids or both?

Jordan: Both! I want 3 and a dog for sure. Might change my mind after two!

Tyler: Is this a trick question? Both eventually, however I definately want to enjoy the married life for a while before adding the responsibility of our beautiful children or puppies.

5. Is there a song that makes you think of your fiance? What is it? (Their answers crack me up here)

Jordan: Better Together- Jack Johnson There is not one thing in my life that would be as good without him! He brings out the best in me and goes along with all the crazy dreams I have for our lives!

Tyler: Love love love. I wish I could say who the artist is but I’m really not sure. I wish you were here by Incubus also reminds me of her, it is our “official song.”

You two are awesome. Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

Melissa & Merritt

Merritt and Melissa, two dear friends of mine. Let me just start with my very favorite moment from their wedding day: their vows. Man, that was a serious tear-jerker. It is a hard feat to write your own vows. When I got married, I remember thinking, “that’s too much pressure, what if I leave something out! What if I don’t even know the important stuff TO vow…”. But M & M took the challenge, and wrote such beautiful vows. Melissa wrote in their engagement shoot that her favorite quality about Merritt is his genuine-ness, well, I’ve never seen that so much as in his vows. Every word he spoke came from his heart, and no one in that room could doubt it. These two meant every word they said, and I can only imagine what God has in store for them!! The rest of the journey (post wedding) is really the exciting part.

Melissa wore the earrings her father gave her mother on their wedding day.

The lovely Brittany Huff (hair extraordinaire if you need wedding day hair!) did everyone’s dos, I particularly liked the teasing part of the process:)

Mel’s sister Jessica did her make-up

a little morning coffee with your make-up?

Meliss has the cutest Momma! Here she is helping adjust Mel’s dress.


…The play by play in sequential order:)

Merritt goes in for the KISS……


ANTHROPOLOGIE bridesmaids dresses!!!!!!!!!!!! yes please.

silly girls!

Meliss brought back the chaulk board theme for the wedding party pics

take a look at this star ;) :

Mel’s girls praying for her right before the ceremony…

I love this moment: when the bride and groom meet eyes walking down the isle.

In case you’re wondering…UGA BOTANICAL GARDENS DAY CHAPEL (in Athens). gorgeous.

Okay, the above image is the second time during the wedding day when I “lost it”. I don’t think they even knew I was there. This was their embrace right after they walked out of the chapel as husband and wife.

And here is their super cute sign-in book, I threw in the wallet sized engagement pics as favors for the guests:)

And now for a few cute families in attendance:




Let it go on the record, Melissa loves to DANCE.

Look at these little dance-o-holics! We couldn’t get enough of them:)

Check out their get away throws: BIG BRIGHT FLOWERS,  love it.


Maddy & Stephen

MADDY AND STEPHEN! These two are dear friends of mine. I took about an hour on their wedding day and shot their family and couple portraits. I remember when they were just dating. We were in a small group together. It is awesome to see them get married! Here are some of my favorite things about Maddy & Stephen: Maddy has a semi-co-dependent relationship with an overweight cat named Archy. I chuckle every time I think of him. We need to have an Archy + Maddy photo session. And Stephen has a killer job at Doguroo (a high class doggy daycare). Now Maddy works there too! As it turns out, they are both animal loving, extremely sweet goobers. I don’t think they’ll mind if I include some of my favorites from our session–the OUT-TAKES.

A little something blue…

This is one of my favorite bridals ever…Isn’t Maddy just beautiful!

A few of our family portraits. I love when I can take them outside.

Guess who came along on our portrait session…my super cute FAMILY. Baby Ina Jane and dad Chris

That is one happy groom!

And a few more of my little ham….


fist bump.


Little Baby Eva!

Newborn sessions are so much fun. What a precious baby girl! We photographed baby Eva when she was only one month old, and still so tiny. Own own baby girl was the same weight as Eva when she was born! 7.8 pounds. Can’t wait to see how she has grown at her 6 month portrait!

I love this one of Eva in the basket. Tiny baby bodies are miraculous!

This is Han, Paola’s other baby

Paola’s mom is in from Columbia! I think having a baby brings mother and grandmother together like nothing else.

Robert & Susanne <3

I shot these images of my dear friends Robert and Susanne by candlelight. The sun had long set by the time we took them, so I went with that. I love the vintage, almost eery effect that we got. Susanne wore the dress her mother made by hand and wore herself decades ago. I feel like if I stumbled  across these images, I wouldn’t know which era they came out of…

These last two were not candlelight, but still let us play with very low light…

Beth & David

Beth and David have a unique and especially beautiful love story. They met later in life. Beth says it took her a while, but she finally found “the one”. Their wedding was such a celebration. At the ceremony, finding a guest with dry eyes was the exception. Then at the reception, everybody let loose, and it was some of the best dancing I’ve seen!

It was a snowy wedding day. We took this in Beth’s snow covered front yard.

Beth and her boys! Her son and her hubs!

Here are the three Gregory sibs


What a beautiful family!

Beth with her girls

The Old Decatur Courthouse is a gorgeous wedding venue!

I love the old architecture

One, two, three, ceremony time!!

Beth’s daughther’s were so sweet during the ceremony.

A few couple portraits inside the old courthouse…

Yum! Before the reception, there were refreshments by Sun in My Belly…very nicely done!

I have never seen asparagus look quite so pretty :)

Toasts! This is a moment we caught from the toast Beth’s daughters gave.


The band was awesome. Here is a shot of the bassist walking around the guests while playing! He must have had a wireless amp system…

And…DON DON DON…the groom played a guitar solo! Loved it! As did the guests…below are a couple of super fun dancing shots…


patricia & david: engaged

This is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever! The High Museum of Art in Atlanta makes for a beautiful color palette for soft, neutral portraits. I think these are going to be so beautiful framed in the home. That’s something I try to think about when shooting a couple’s portraits–what sort of decorating style and color scheme do they have in their home. But enough shop talk, let’s get on to the couple!

Meet David and Patricia. I love when couples bring their pups!

Here is a great option if you don’t want to bring an entire outfit change: just bring a cute coat and perhaps a scarf or hat to play with!

Aren’t they just precious!

This might be my favorite image from the whole shoot!?

I am in love with the slate gray wall behind them…

Another of Chris’ touches:

This next one gives us magazine vibes…

Beloved puppies make good props.

A little his and hers action


Okay. This next one rivals as my number one fave.

If I was them, I would frame the next image. It makes me happy :)

Aren’t they just perfect?!

I snuck this next one in while we were on the go. Patricia’s sister  was in town from NY and joined us on the shoot. She was super helpful!

Black and White vs. Golden? Hard choice!

The High has so many fun spots! I could have shot there all day.

Would you know we were smack dab in the middle of the city?

And now for our engagement questionnaire!

1. How did you meet?!  We met online!

2. What is your favorite quality about your fiance?

Patricia: I definitely like several qualities about him he is caring, affectionate, hard working and honest.

David: smart, goal driven, adventurous, embrace different cultures and decisive

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? We would move to Italy! Our dream is to buy a Tuscan Villa!

4. Pets or kids or both? Both! We already have little Lui (puppy) and we plan on expanding the family soon.

5. Is there a song that makes you think of your fiance? What is it? I need you now from Lady Antebellum we went to their concert @ the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

Thank you Patricia and David. Can’t wait for the wedding!

shannon & randy: married!

Shannon and Randy are so much FUN. You pretty much have to be fun to have your wedding on the night of New Year’s Eve. This couple was wed and then celebrated a brand new year as husband and wife. It is truely their new beginning–a fresh start to life together! I can only imagine the fun they will have on all of the New Year’s Eves to come!

Shannon picked out the cutest details! Check our this necklace she gave her bridesmaids along with the neato button bouquet below it.

These button bouquets were made by Hugs and Kisses. A charity that raises money for cancer patients with financial needs. What an awesome way to have cute bouquets and help people!

Okay. This wedding had an interesting theme: mustaches. Shannon and Randy’s wedding is the perfect example that you can have whatever theme you want. They absolutely rocked their mustache theme…check out these SOCKS!

of course there were plenty of mustaches to go around for the wedding party…

Below you will find Randy and his brother-in-law. These are some of my favorite groom+groomsman shots EVER. They absolutely crack me up. Awesome work boys, awesome work.

And here you will find Randy looking demure…

What is a bridesmaid without awesome accessories?


These two are too cute! Our flower girl and ring bearer. TOO STINKING CUTE.

Our ring bearer again…taking his job very seriously.

And here she is! Being escorted to her future husband…future as in about 20 minutes away!

This is the exact moment that Randy saw Shannon walk down the isle. You can see the subtle but complete change in his expression. love it.

And as always, a ring shot. Shannon’s ring is soooo beautiful! It deserved a dramatic photograph.

Check out the buttons on the cake. So presh

Here is Shannon’s mom being whirled and twirled by a groomsman. She was so much fun!

And now for some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dancing shots…..


melissa & merritt: engaged

This is one of my favorite engagement shoots ever! The soon to be Eaglings are nothing short of sweet. I have known Melissa for a few years now, and it is so awesome to see her in love! Her eyes… and really entire continence just lights up when she looks at Merritt. These two have such an inspiring story. Perhaps I will save it for their wedding post..:) Don’t forget to check out the mini engagement interview at the end of this post!

We started off with some coffee…naturally

Haha, anybody recognize what the rest of this wall says?

I LOVE it when couples bring props. They are so fun!! Check out some prop ideas from Meliss and Merritt…

Melissa made these chalk boards! She ordered the chalk boards off of Etsy, and bought the frames. Love it!

ENGAGEMENT INTERVIEW TIME! Here are some questions I asked Melissa and Merritt:

1. How did you meet?!

Melissa: see website…

Merritt:We met at small group, originally.  I noticed Melissa more than she did me.  But we kept running into each other.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

2. What is your favorite quality about your fiance?

Melissa: My favorite quality about Merritt is his character.  He listens to the Lord’s leading, even when it is difficult or taboo as far as the world is concerned.

Merritt: I love her eyes.  They capture her spirit so well, and can look so innocent and childlike.  They are beautiful.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Melissa: I honestly have loved living every single place that I have lived (france, georgia, florida, switzerland, zambia, vermont…).  I always meet amazing people in each place and love learning about different cultures and peoples.  My favorite was France, though!

Merritt: Paris.  I’m sure that I’d love to live in Paris.  They have good music, and big cathedrals, good food.  So, in a worldly way, Paris.  Really, I think I’d like to live somewhere where we had and needed less.

4. Pets or kids or both?

Melissa: Pets and kids.  I love big doggies.  We hope to adopt some kids in need, too.

Merritt: Kids and a dog and maybe a cat.  Well trained dogs, clean kids, and sociable cats.  Grin.

5. Is there a song that makes you think of your fiance? What is it? (Their answers crack me up here)

Melissa: Don’t really have any songs.  There was this one Dolly Pardon song about love and butterflies on the radio in the car when we were a new couple. Merritt asked if it could be our song.  I said no, but we joke about it pretty frequently.  I haven’t heard it since then!!

Merritt: Love’s Like Butterflies – By Dolly Parton.  That’s our song, and it’s a good one.  A very classic sounding tune.

Katelyn & Ryan

Katelyn and Ryan, what a sweet couple! Katelyn is an elementary school teacher, and Ryan has a job at Gulfstream as an engineer. He proposed to Katelyn in her classroom. There were rose petals sprinkled and the whole nine. So sweet!! They were married at an old mansion down south called Victoria Belle Mansion–a beautiful venue with gorgeous spaces for getting ready. It was decorated for Christmas as the wedding was on December 18th.

Putting on her veil.

Katelyn’s momma putting on her pearls. The bride’s room at the mansion has lots of cream and white in the prep room. Love that.

A cameo of a bridesmaid…getting ready for the big event.

a few essentials: ballerina slippers and a rouge red bouquet

Our beautiful bride: captured.

This little guy was so adorable. As the ring bearer, he had a matching suit, of course.

Here he is with a super big smile while Ryan was holding him. So cute!

Chris grabbed some photos of yours truly. That first look is my “I’m gonna shoot you with this enormous camera” face. Chris says it’s too goobery for blogging……

Ready for that white isle….

Little man on his way down the isle.

Katelyn’s mom walked her down the isle. Proud momma….

Ryan was all smiles while Katelyn came down the isle.

I love how they have almost the same expression…


Love this one…

We called for a goofy face, and little guy pulled this one out! So, the wedding party’s natural response:

Reception time!!


Awe. Thank you Katelyn and Ryan. You two are fabulous. I loved spending the day with you. Hope you enjoy your 900 additional photos that will be coming soon:)

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