Maternity!! Paola & Igor

Well, when I found out my dear friends Paola and Igor were preggers, I was super excited for them. Paola and I not only went through our master’s program together, but worked together before that! So, we set a date for catching up, and braved the cold for a few pregger pics at “the arch” near them at Atlantic Station. My primary camera is in the shop, so I had to use the back up for these…

love this one!

The puppy in this pic is their first baby–Han. He’ll be making room for baby number two very soon!

That building behind them is their condo building, so hopefully little Eva will  appreciate that one day!  Her first home:) I absolutely love their place. It’s a corner loft overlooking Atlantic Station with HUGE windows. Oh the envy!

Cheryl + Andy Engaged!

Sweet Cheryl and Andy. These two met at Emory University where Cheryl was seeking advisement on a project. Andy just happened to be the professor to assist her. I don’t know all of the details that moved them from then until now, but they have officially graduated from working on a project together to spending the rest of their life together. On another exciting note, Cheryl is from Singapore, so we will have some very honored guests from the other side of the world at their wedding! I can’t wait to document the day!

We went to Piedmont Park for their engagements, because Cheryl was in an Ultimate Frisbee league there! Go Cheryl!

Katelyn & Ryan

Katelyn and Ryan are awesome. They will be moving to Savannah after the wedding, because Ryan (aka Smarty Pants) got a job at Gulf Stream working on jets! We took a little retreat to Sweetwater Creek State Park to shoot their engagements.

This pup gave those geese a run for their money. Apparently he hates water…until there are geese in it…

What a sweet couple, I’m looking forward to the wedding!!

Ashley & David

For this shoot, we made a day of it and trekked to Serenbe…a little planned, sustainable living community just south of Atlanta. This is now officially one of my favorite spots to shoot. There are just countless gorgeous spots to take a photo. David even commented on my crazy eye… a condition where my eyes shift around at about 100 mph when I’m in a pretty spot with a gorgeous couple and a camera:) Oh! And we shot this after their wedding, a great idea for wedding portraits, because there is zero stress, tons more time, and you get a second chance to wear that gorgeous gown (the one you paid an arm and a leg for) without worrying about getting it dirty!

My favorite of the day!

Serenbe has great little signs to be found around the grounds…

It’s always fun when I can get two completely different looks in one shoot:)

Love these two images…I can see them framed in pretty much anyones’ house…ashley and davids’ or not!

we had such perfectly yummy light

this one makes me go “ahhhh”

sometimes one edit is just not enough:)

I love the feel in the following sequence.

And we’ll end on this little gem. I can’t revel our jumping secret…okay I will…we found a TRAMPOLINE! YAY! Ashley and David, you two are amazing. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me.

Sneak Peek: Ashley & David

A little taste of our wedding portrait session at SERENBE last weekend<3 Many more to come…..

Lauren & Kevin

Lauren got ready at Hotel Palamar in midtown. Such a cute, modern hotel to host her. I particularly loved the lobby for taking some bridals before we headed to the King Plow Arts Center where the wedding and reception were held. The sweetest moment of the day was when Kevin and Lauren had their “first look”. This is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. It happens before the ceremony.  (It’s totally optional). Lauren had been waiting all day to see Kevin and you can see it in her face in the first look pictures below. Overall, a gorgeous wedding. To all my Atlanta brides: go visit King Plow Arts Center–it’s one of the best venues I’ve seen in Atlanta (especially if you are artsy fartsy:)

I just love photos that glow…and brides that glow for that matter:)

Going to the Chapel….(metaphorically speaking:)

Here it is! A few first look shots–the big moment!

so sweet.

I love a lofty venue.

Thought I would throw in a sample family pic…

and wedding party…

In case you’re wondering where Lauren got her super cute wedding accessories–including these cake topers–she found them on Etsy!

The reception room doubles as an art gallery. LOVE that.

Cake toppers taking in the action…

Oh food!!!!!! They had a mac and cheese BAR. I am talking several varieties of gourmet mac and cheese.

Lauren’s gown had pockets!! Too cute!

Yet another cute idea: A polaroid camera set up for guests to take pictures!


Natalie + Chris

Natalie and Chris were married at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church with their reception at Indian Hills Country Club. During the wedding day, there were few moments when Natalie did not have an ear to ear smile spread across her face. In fact her sweet family noted Natalie’s ever present smile in their toasts. This couple dates back to dating days at Georgia Southern where they fell in love. Now they’ve tied the know and set up shop in Atlanta! Congratulations to the Kennels!

The guys sporting their Georgia Southern rings!

After the ceremony, Natalie and Chris had a butterfly release! So sweet!

some first dance sweetness…

surprise attack of flower petals. The wedding party had lots of tricks up their sleeves…they wanted to get a picture jumping into the country club pool right after Chris and Natalie left, but the reception coordinator caught us:)

Allison & Mike: A Savannah Wedding

So we were able to travel down south and shoot a beautiful destination wedding. Neither Allison nor Mike is from Savannah, Allison just said she’s always thought spanish moss and weddings go well together…I couldn’t agree more. Allison’s classic, elegant style made for some beautiful details and an around classic wedding.

Allison confessed that one item she splurged on was her shoes…beautiful!

The reception was at the Marshall House, an old (and beautiful) Savannah hotel rumored to be haunted…

We headed to Forsyth Park for couple portraits and wedding party shots. Allison and Mike saw each other before the ceremony, so we had plenty of time for a portrait expedition…

We always like to take about 20 minutes and steal the couple away for portraits on their wedding day. This is usually a much welcomed session as it gives our bride and groom some alone time amidst the hustle and bustle.  In our opinion, these are some of the most important images of the day, and we want to give a nice selection. Clients usually end up with at least 60 fully edited couple portraits.

Some pictures with the moms…

and a particularly sweet moment with her younger sister…

I love this black and white sequence of their ceremony. They have such a classic look, I couldn’t help but capture it in a Kennedy-wedding-esc style.

the first dance

I want to frame this next image and hang it in our home. Love it so much.

Some rose petals as they make their way to the carriage…

and now for my favorite image of the day:

Sneak Peek – Allison + Mike

In lovely Savannah…more coming soon!

Amanda & Josh

The lovely Amanda and Josh were married at Glendalough Mannor just outside of Atlanta. I loved all of the sunlight we had to play with during the wedding day. Josh is an absolute character. He told me his modeling aspirations as soon as he was in front of my lens, and then he shot me the “blue steal” look. He kept people laughing the whole day. Amanda is his balancing counterpart with her sweet and peaceful countenance. What a beautiful bride she makes!! Even though we only shot a partial day, I am super pleased with the images and the feel we were able to capture at this wedding.

Amanda helping her momma with makeup. At one point I heard Josh call Cathy “Mom Cat”, I love it!

Amanda with her lovely sisters!

I loved Amanda’s colors, so feminine and subtle.

Walking down the isle to her new husband! I love that look of assuredness.

Despite his funny gimmicks, it turns out Josh is a real sweetheart. He was tearing up most of the ceremony.


love this one!

Josh dancing with his mom

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